Felt + Leather 3D Acoustic Room Dividers, Partitions, Paravent and Design Screens Filz + Leder 3D Akustik Raumteiler, Paravents, Vorhänge

Room Dividers and Curtains ...

My work goes beyond functionality.
Storages are files and archives for minimal interiors with perfect sound dampening properties that make the past utilizable for the present.

... a human filing system. My decorative curtains are playing a very important role in offices and private spaces.
Designed to absorb sound, filling living spaces with life and making the owner appreciate the work of art.

.... Mary-Ann ...........LookBook

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

StarShadow Acoustic Collection Design Screen, Curtain

Lightweight PaperFelt to indulge your senses with sound dampening properties

Bespoke pricing + sizing ...via contactbox

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Origami 3D Mesh Felt Acoustic Room Divider, Curtain, Rack, Paravent, Storage, Design Screen

- Any Size: strips can be added, removed or opened where needed -
- Extendable and expendable -
- Available with a curtain rail or iron tube -
- other variations: Origami Onepiece and Origami (1+3) -
- Perfect acoustic properties -
- Felt, aluminium or stainless steel -
- 100% woolfelt - 100% Wollfilz -

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

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